ECIR 2017 paper is now online!

Our paper “A Systematic Analysis of Sentence Update Detection for Temporal Summarization” with Evangelos Kanoulas is now online. You can read below the abstract of the paper:

“Temporal summarization algorithms filter large volumes of streaming documents and emit sentences that constitute salient event updates. Systems developed typically combine in an ad-hoc fashion traditional retrieval and document summarization algorithms to filter sentences inside documents. Retrieval and summarization algorithms however have been developed to operate on static document collections. Therefore, a deep understanding of the limitations of these approaches when applied to a temporal summarization task is necessary. In this work we present a systematic analysis of the methods used for retrieval of update sentences in temporal summarization, and demonstrate the limitations and potentials of these methods by examining the retrievability and the centrality of event updates, as well as the existence of intrinsic inherent characteristics in update versus non-update sentences.”

The full paper is available here.